Let us deal with the
paperwork, so you can spend
more time on your trade.

Virtual Assistant for Construction

We lay the groundwork as you build your business.

  1. It’s the new-age solution to managing your business. Contractors are constantly hammered by the demands of on-site operations, client acquisition, and all the running systems in a construction business. At Contractor Business Solutions, we provide specialized Virtual Assistant (VA) services to take care of your specific administrative and bookkeeping needs. Let us deal with the paperwork, record-keeping, correspondences, social media management, and all the in-between legwork time that you’d rather spend on your trade.
  2. Reduce stress while increasing productivity. Nowadays, efficiency can be maximized through digitalized documentation, project management, record/ data management and correspondences. Our highly skilled VA’s will help you get things done faster with through software and platforms that increase productivity with every project. Plus, you no longer have to worry about the pain of hiring and firing. Just subscribe, change or cancel the VA service.
  3. Save money, office space, and supplies. Salary-based employees cost more, even without clear and measurable basis of the progress they contribute while at the office. VA work is measured by the hour, and you only pay for the time spent to complete the tasks – no sick days or vacation days, and none of the coffee-machine chatters that can last longer than they should. You’ll never have to worry about employees being stuck in traffic, or a delayed train; VA’s work remotely, and provide their own office spaces and supplies.
  4. It’s convenient for both long-term and short-term project needs. You pay only for the hours and tasks you need, within or outside regular office hours. Simple and straightforward.

Startup Plan


Startup Plan- perfect for small tasks

10 hours per month

1 User Included
$59 per add'l user

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Most popular

Progress Plan


Progress Plan- perfect for delegating ongoing tasks

20 hours per month

1 User Included
$59 per add'l user

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Implementation Plan


Implementation plan- perfect to get out of the weeds- ongoing delegation and special projects

30 hours per month

2 User Included
$59 per add'l user

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Team Plan


Team Plan- perfect to delegate ongoing tasks, special projects & to build your team.

50 hours per month

2 User Included
$59 per add'l user

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We are here to make sure
your business succeeds

  • We save you valuable time
  • We provide fast responses
  • We take care of little details
  • We offer helpful insights

At a glance, here’s what we can lift off your shoulders:

  • Specialized Bookkeeping for Construction (Job Costing, Cash Flow Management, Project Accounting and Reports)
  • Schedule Inspections
  • General Research
  • Project Scheduling
  • Client Selection Management
  • Business Correspondences
  • Email Campaigns
  • Pre-Qualification Worksheets
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Plan Requests
  • Billing/ Change Orders
  • Contractor Relationship Development
  • Warranty Letter Requests
  • Electronic File Maintenance
  • Drafting Purchase Orders, Invoices, Proposals, Agendas, Memorandums, Transmittals, Commencement Notices, etc.
  • Phone Calls (Outbound) to Clients, Vendors, Subcontractors, etc.)
  • Appointment Scheduling and Calendar Management
  • Daily Job Logs
  • RFI Log Maintenance
  • Submittal Log Maintenance
  • Additional Administrative Tasks

At Contractor Business Solutions, we pride ourselves in being dedicated and reliable partners for our clients. If you have specific office support needs, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll discuss the best solutions that work for you.

To learn more, call us today at (732) 272-0112 or email us at [email protected].