Profit First Consulting

The primary goal for any contractors is to maximize revenue. Of course you can always make more money by increasing your client base, but one of the keys to achieving a truly sustainable profit lies in the accounting. Contractor Business Solutions experts utilize the Profit First method of cash management. Our team is trained and certified by Profit First Professionals to help contractors maximize and sustain profit.

Profit First is an international network of high-caliber accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches. Their proven methodology ensures measurable and effective financial results.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Your business is surviving check by check
  • Your income statement have a net profit at the end of the year, but your pockets are empty
  • Your ‘old school’ accountant doesn’t take a single action to help increase your revenue

How we help

As a contractor you’ve heard it all too often before, the success formula for business is: Sales - Expenses = Profit. What if we tell you that the formula is flawed? With Profit First Consulting from Contractor Business Solutions we encourage you to flip the formula to: Sales - Profit = Expenses. This may seem like a subtle change, but the new formula actually helps empower you to grow your profitability immediately and permanently.

Filling out the books and tax forms is no longer enough in today’s business world. Modern bookkeepers from Contractor Business Solutions take things to a whole new level by leveraging tools to help drive profit in your business.

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