Insurance Tracker

Contractor firms like yours are faced with the time-intensive tasks of tracking incoming insurance certificates and meeting contractual obligations. Failure to verify insurance coverage may result in hefty fines - which is a situation you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Contractor Business Solutions offers a cloud-based software for issuing and/or tracking Certificates of Insurance (COI). Our Insurance Tracker helps your company to mitigate risks and avoid exposure to losses from claims.

Insurance Tracker from Contractor Business Solutions allows you to:

  • Enhance compliance and reduce risk exposure
  • Automate data entry, review and update processes
  • Retrieve information from a cloud storage
  • Evaluate insurance certificates based on contract requirements
  • Create compliancy status reports
  • Maintain data security and privacy

Handling your daily business activities is hard and time-consuming enough without adding COI management to your plate.

Our innovative software can relieve your company from the burden of compliance monitoring, incoming certificates auditing, and certificate endorsements and renewals.