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Contractor Business Solutions takes care of office & bookkeeping functions so you can focus on your business

Busy contractors and service companies often find that keeping up with their bookkeeping and paperwork tasks is overwhelming due to other obligations and day-to-day business operations. The truth is that most contractors simply don’t have the time to manage their paperwork, let alone meeting state requirements. This is where we come in.

Contractor Business Solutions provides core business and accounting functions for your contracting and service firm, allowing you to run your business while keeping the office tasks under control. With us as your strategic partner you can focus on your field production, clients and employees, while we take care of all your back office and bookkeeping needs.

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For years I struggled with finding office help for my electrical company. The hiring process was costly and time consuming and it took me away from working on projects in the field. At first I contacted my accountant who recommend a bookkeeper but she was only available to help me once or twice a month with bills & payroll. Then I came across Contractor Business Solutions who had a service to help me run my business during the week. Not only did it save me money , we now invoice faster , collect money faster and make more profit.

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